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Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Beginnings

Well I promised to keep up with this monthly since April of this year. I failed. Not as an excuse but we moved twice and life has just now gotten back to normal. Hubby now has a new job and daughter is now in school. She is two years from graduation and then she will be off to the big world or college. In the move our dogs got uneasy as the first move was in with my sister. Don't get wrong I was and am very grateful for her and her family's help, but with four dogs, four adults, and one teenager it was not successful. We then moved about a month later into our new home, and boy was it hot. We have been taking the moving in slowly, which is annoying me but I can not do it all myself so we have been waiting for it to cool down. Funny thing is it was cool for one week then the temperature went back up. Oh well I am excited to live closer to my family and when the holiday's roll around it will be great. Living far from family was not very enjoyable. 

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